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Isle of Wight Trip 2023


Please see below the updates from last year's trip.


Monday 13th March 2023

The children and adults have arrived safely at the Kingswood centre on the Isle of Wight. The children have a busy schedule tonight so we hope to share a more detailed update with you each morning. 

Pupil update: 

We got onto our coach and we started on our journey. Eventually we got onto the ferry and we made friends with a cat named Katie that was 15 years old! - Amara


When we arrived we did either buggy making or problem solving. I did buggy making where we got given blue tubes, long wooden stick and rope and had to build a buggy to ride. Our one moved! -Tayem


In the problem solving activity we had five lives and if you fell in the ‘lava’ (on the floor) you lost a life.  We had to work as a team. It was so funny! - Seta


After dinner we had to make a container that would stop a water balloon from popping if you threw it. It was fun and two groups succeeded and got to throw the water balloons at the instructors! - Amsyar 


After that we came back and got ready to go to bed. It has been nice so far and everyone has been nice. The Isle of Wight is a really fun place! - Amiira



Tuesday 14th March 2023

Another fantastic day with good food, fun activities and good weather! Here’s an update from the children:


I loved the zip line! When I first went on it, it made my belly go funny but after a while it got really fun. I even jumped off the platform! - Jacob 


I liked the bushcraft because it was a challenge for me until it got easier. It took team work. Shafee, Harrison and I had to keep blowing oxygen on our fire so it wouldn’t go out. - Leondrit 


I liked the archery because you had to shoot a target. It was kind of hard but I got one of mine in the centre! - Mario 


In team tech we were separated into two groups. We were given a challenge (like make the tallest tower) and had to come up with ideas. It involved a lot of team work and communication- listening to everyone’s ideas. I am proud of listening to everyone and making sure no one was left out. - Shafee


Yesterday was the best! We played dodgeball and it was really fun. We got lots of exercise and we were ready for bed by the end of it! - Maymunah


We ended off the night with a campfire. I liked it because we got to tell spooky stories, eat marshmallows or biscuits. We played riddle-like games and I guessed the right answer! - Ikhlas


A special message from our birthday boy: It was amazing! To have a surprise birthday party for me. They all sang happy birthday all throughout the day. I loved having cake (two slices) thank you to the kind staff and to my family for the messages. A great way to celebrate my 11th birthday! - Christopher


Wednesday 15th March 2023

We had an exciting day yesterday where many children really got to test themselves. Here are some of their comments:

The 3G swing was so fun and scary. On the second swing I didn’t feel sick - just excited! - Mohammed A

Aero ball is like basketball and trampolining and it was really exciting! I played against lots of people and was undefeated. - Mohammed H

We build our own buggies that looked like cars from the Flintstones. -Jude

The balance beams were very frightening and challenging but I made it up the diagonal beam. I can’t wait for fencing on Thursday! - Nwran

I love heights so the balance beans were amazing and I’m really exciting for rock climbing on Thursday! -Rayyan

We ended the evening with a film and were all off to sleep very quickly!


Thursday 16th March 2023

What an amazing last full day. We went rock pooling at the beach, made bottle rockets, fenced, went rock climbing (which was definitely a favourite!) and ended the evening with a disco! Here are some pupil updates:

I liked the rock climbing because it helped me face my fears and I really enjoyed getting to the top and seeing everyone cheer at the end. - Harrison

I enjoyed rock climbing because it was fun to move your hands and legs. I also enjoyed the disco because we got to dance. - Jannah

I also enjoyed rock climbing because you had to keep going and persevere. - Marwa

I enjoyed going to the beach because you got to look for new things and spend time with your friends. There was no competition involved, we were just having fun. I also found a crab that I named Billy! - Hiba

I enjoyed the fencing because I got to wear a mask and it was learning how to do it properly. - Mohamed B

I enjoyed rock climbing because I got all the way to the top and I didn’t think I could. - Adam

I enjoyed the rock climbing. I enjoyed how I persevered and reached the top. I also liked the bottle rockets because I put the exact right amount of water in to make it go really far. We made it further than all the other groups . - Mohamed F

I enjoyed the rock climbing because the first time I felt scared but on the second go I went all the way to the top and I feel proud of myself. - Yasmine

We are looking forward to our remaining activities and will see you later today!


Friday 17th March 2023

Pupils will make their journey back to London today! Today was our last day! We built shelters and used the communication skills we’ve been focusing on to navigate blindfolded through a forest trail. We ended the day by thanking all of our instructors for their hard work and presenting them with a card (Mariam’s great idea). 


Here are some pupil comments looking at different peoples favourite parts of the week:


My favourite part of the week was the zip line - it was very fun! - Yuto


My favourite part of the week was the zip line because I got to go fast. I also liked rock climbing. - Sara


I liked the 3G swing because when you lift off it felt like you were flying. It felt adventurous. I also enjoyed the zip line. Especially when you go quickly and the wind goes on your face. - Layla


I liked the 3G swing because I’m usually scared of rides and heights and it made me overcome my fear of heights. I also liked rock climbing and the zip line! - Lara


My favourite part of the week was the 3G swing. When I pulled the wing it scared and surprised me; I didn’t know it would be like that. I also enjoyed the zip line - it broke my fear of heights: I thought of something I liked and just did it! - Linda


I liked the 3G swing because now I’m not afraid of heights. I also liked rock climbing because it was fun going up to the top. - Suhayla


My favourite part was the 3G swing because when I went on I felt scared but then it was really fun and you had to choose when to drop. - Jorgie


My favourite part was the aero ball because I like basketball and trampolines and it was like both mixed together. - Dawood


I liked aeroball because I liked going on the trampolines. - Mariam


Please find below the letters for this year's trip. 

Wednesday's Photos

Friday's Photos

Isle of Wight Trip 2022


Below you will find all of the updates from this year's trip!

Monday 28th March 2022

We had lots of fun on the coach down, then ate our lunch while waiting for the ferry in Portsmouth. We got on the ferry and really enjoyed the view! After 25 minutes we arrived in the Isle of Wight. After a short coach ride we arrived at the Kingswood centre. After making our beds, we went straight to our first activity - archery for half of the group and the zip line for the other half! Dinner was delicious - either chicken or veggie burger and chips! So many children have already tried a new activity or had a different experience! 


Tuesday 29th March 2022

Day 2 of our residential was action packed with archery, bushcraft fire starting skills, fencing, nightline (a blindfolded team obstacle course), orienteering and more! After such a busy day, the lasagna and mac and cheese dinner options were very popular! To finish off the day it was a mini-Olympics with lots of fun races and team games! 


Wednesday 30th March 2022

Wednesday was our most action packed day so far with problem solving challenges, orienteering, aeroball (basketball on a trampoline), Jacob's ladder and shelter building. We also walked along the coastal path to the beach where we paddled in the sea, collected shells and sea glass, made sandcastles, stacked rocks and explored. In the evening we had a campfire and joined in with lots of funny songs and games! 


“Time goes so fast on the Isle of Wight!” (JB)

“I now wish we were here for more than a week!” (ZM)

Thursday 31st March 2022

Thursday was another fun day, with quickly changing weather including bright sunshine and even a little bit of snow! We built shelters and buggies, completed the team obstacle course, tackled the climbing wall and went on the zipline. We also went to the site shop to spend our money! We ended the day with a disco followed by a little bit of stargazing! 


Friday 1st April 2022

We were up bright and early this morning on our last day. We ate our last delicious cooked breakfast of the week, the packed our cases and emptied our rooms. Next it was time for our final activity of the week - the 3G swing! The week has gone so quickly and we can't believe it is time to come home! 

France Trip 2020

France Trip - March 2020


The penultimate day in France was much like the others....action packed! The children have certainly been busy today and have had high spirits even though the weather has been a little soggy. Today, we started by visiting Wellington Quarry before visiting some trenches. This helped the children understand and reflect on their history topic from the previous term. We finished our day visits at Vimy Ridge, one of the battle grounds during WW1. The children have thoroughly enjoyed our trips out this week. 


The children all came back and got ready for the evening activity - our final night disco! The children are looking forward to celebrating their week together in style on the dance floor! The children have throughly enjoyed reading all of the emails that have been sent so thank you for sending them in. Tomorrow, we start our trip back to London after a short stop off at the market. See you tomorrow!


Update 05.03.20 at 19:33


Another day and another action packed one. Today, the George Eliot group started their day making some delicious crepes - yum yum! Everyone certinanly enjoyed eating them. There was some healthy competition between staff too. Later on, the children played some football and games and had some free time on the beach. They had the opportunity to practise their French when playing 'French bingo'. Sumaya (6H) was the worthy winner - Well done Sumaya! Tonight, the children are looking forward to scrapheap challenge after dinner and then a good rest. Ready to do it all again tomorrow.


If there are any other parents/carers that have not sent an email to their child, it would be great if they could do it tonight or tomorrow please. Children have loved reading them - the email address is below. We are also having difficulty putting up photos due to the fact some parents have not given written permission for school to share photographs of their children on our website. If you have not done this, please call into the school office tomorrow to give written permission. We can then hopefully share some photos.


Updated on 04.03.20 at 20:11



The children slept well after their long day travelling and are getting used to their surroundings. Year 6 have had a busy action-packed day today with trips to Dieppe, the beach and to do some shopping. But that was not all...finishing their excursions at the goat farm - an outing loved by all. The children are now back at the chateau, having some dinner and about to embark on ‘Team Tech’ - vehicle making as a team. 

Thank you to those parents/carers who have already sent emails to children. It would be great for everyone to receive an email. The email address is: 


Update on 03.03.20 at 20:08 


The staff and children have arrived safely at the chateau. They are getting settled in and are going for dinner after their day of travelling and visit to the Sealife Centre.


Update on 02.03.20 at 18:08



32 very excited Year 6 children left this morning for their very first residential trip to France. They arrived safely In Calais around 2pm and have just finished their visit to the Sealife Centre in Boulogne-sur-Mer. They are now on their way to the chateau.


Update on 02.03.20 at 16:55

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